Virtual Selling

Real Time System


The patent pending Real Time System Digital Selling platform is the first in the industry. It uses a proprietary artificial intelligence engine to identify and show your real – human visitors – on your dealership website right now.

The patent pending Real Time System Digital Selling platform is the first in the industry.

The Digital Bridge

Digital Selling is the bridge between “Digital Marketing” (driving traffic to your site), and “Digital Retailing” (customers starting a purchase on a vehicle they like). When someone is on your website and engaged with one or more of your vehicles, that’s the perfect time to proactively greet them and begin the rapport building sales process.

We know that the common buyer visits on average five franchise dealership websites before they buy a vehicle. With a comprehensive Digital Selling platform on your website, your dealership will be the one that visitors choose more often.

Mobile Notifications and Engagement

The Real Time System Mobile App allows you and your sales team to receive notifications about visitors on your site who are highly engaged. These visitors are looking at vehicles that you want to move. Customized notifications let you easily alert any member of your sales team that a visitor’s currently looking at a vehicle. Users will get your “prompt” message as to what you want to offer them. The best part is that your sales staff can “up” that website visitor and initiate a chat directly from their mobile phone, whether they’re on their couch, the golf course, or in the dealership.

Your website traffic, free vs paid visitors.

Easier, faster, and more accurate than Google Analytics! Real Time System lets you see all of your traffic over any date range easily. You can see which visitors are on your site organically – FREE – versus which visitors are on your site from any PAID search campaign. This includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, AutoTrader, CarGurus, Cars.Com, and more.

Accurately track ANY digital campaign. No more wrestling with Google Analytics, or worse, being dependent on what your SEM vendor reports to you. One glance, even from your mobile phone, and you’ll know the TRUTH about your paid versus free traffic… including actual leads from those sources.